Working towards a just society

In view of the above scenario, this project was aiming to reverse trends by implementing blanket foods distribution to the household with malnourished children in OTP programme in B/hawa and Mandera. Subsequently the project was to supplement ongoing intervention by other humanitarian actors on the ground by increasing access to food at household level and also contribute to the recovery of the vulnerable household (reduction of malnutrition among food insecure households). Long term food security measures has been discussed by policy makers and district steering group, relevant ministries ,NGO’s and UN agencies. Representatives from Medico International were to visit project sites in Mandera and Belet-hawa not only to monitor the project result but also to see other viable means of improving food security and income at household level. 
Community participated fully in this project in both planning and implementation. Their participation enhanced the infants and young child feeding practice which was very poor initially and a major contributor of malnutrition in children under 5yrs. Community contribution was in the form of voluntary service and to work hand in hand with the project technical team.

Activities done before and during implementation of the project
The project management team met and discussed the project at District Steering Group  (DSG) forum on the Kenyan side and were given approval to implement the project in Mandera it was in the DSG that the (200) household were distributed across four locations in the central division of Mandera East district. Below are the locations selected against the number of beneficiaries;.
•    Bulla jamuhuria location -70 beneficiaries
•    Bulla mpya location -50 beneficiaries
•    Neboy location -30 beneficiaries
•    Central location -50 beneficiaries
As illustrated above a total of 200 households totaling to 1613 persons in directly benefited the project in Mandera.
In B/hawa the project management met with the local administration of the transitional federal government (TFG) and the district health board and the 200 beneficiary households were drawn from the main OTP at B/hawa town. A total of 1394 persons from 200 households with malnourished children in Belet hawa town directly benefited the project.