Working towards a just society

Having considered the various unmet felt needs of communities and the external and internal environmental factors, NAPAD as part of its strategic planning realizes the need to prioritize a number of strategic programmes that it deems most appropriate to address the noted challenges. Strategic areas of focus refer to the core programs areas that NAPAD has prioritized for the 5 year period.

In making decision on what areas to focus, NAPAD has amongst others considered its previous program experiences, priority beneficiary needs, project activities undertaken by other organisations as well as its own NAPAD internal capacity (core competencies).

NAPAD will focus on the following Strategic Objectives

  1. To  improve  public  health  through  promotion  of hygiene and access to clean and safe water and decent sanitation for the communitie
  2. To increase livelihood sources for the vulnerable people in the three target areas
  3. To improve access and affordability of quality education as well as retention through primary, secondary and tertiary education
  4. To improve the responsiveness and accountability of governance structures in Mandera county and South Central Zone of Somalia.
  5. To empower communities to cope with effects of climate change in Mandera, South Central Zone and Libaan and Afdheer region.
  6. To strengthen NAPAD to be an effective and efficient regional institution.









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