Working towards a just society

Identity Statement
The Nomadic Assistance for Peace and Development (NAPAD) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization founded in 2006 and registered in both Somalia and Kenya. It seeks to contribute to the realization of peace and human development in the Horn of Africa.

Core Values
The work of NAPAD shall be undergirded by the following values:

  1. Transparency and Accountability - in all her dealings and operations, NAPAD shall be answerable to her stakeholders.
  2. Credibility- NAPAD's work shall be conducted in a manner that inspires confidence and trust among her stakeholders
  3. Commitment to serve– dedication to the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of NAPAD bymembers and the secretariat.
  4. Efficiency – resources available to NAPAD including time, effort or cost will be well used for the purpose of advancing the mission of the organisation.
  5. Fairness and Inclusivity– NAPAD shall conduct all affairs free from bias or injustice and seek to accommodate diverse stakeholders.
  6. Non-partisan – NAPAD shall remain non-aligned to conduct her affairs without demonstrating any political and clan leanings.
  7. Integrity and Honesty - staff shall conduct their dealings with each other and with others with integrity to foster mutual trust.
  8. Professionalism –the employees of NAPAD shall strive to uphold the good principles, laws, ethics and conventions while working with the beneficiaries and other stakeholders.
  9. Team spirit– NAPAD fraternity shall demonstrate oneness in meeting the goals and objectives of the organisation.