Working towards a just society

 Nomadic Assistance for Peace and Development (NAPAD) is community based nongovernmental development organization that operates on a non-profit basis with principles and philosophy aimed at effectively reaching its vision, mission and core values. NAPAD was founded in 2006 by a group of former senior UN and international NGO workers. The organization is currently registered with Somali Authorities in Gedo and Galgadud regions and the NGO Coordination Board in Kenya as an NGO. NAPAD has established offices in Garbaharrey in Gedo region, Abudwak in Galgudud region, Mandera and Nairobi in Kenya.

NAPAD envisions a peaceful, prosperous and self reliant society. The mission of NAPAD is to promote peace and development for sustainable livelihoods among nomadic communities through advocacy, social-economic and political empowerment. The strategic goal of NAPAD on the other hand is to contribute to the realization of lasting peace and human development in Somalia as it makes efforts to transition from a failed state through to recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

This strategic plan has been developed by NAPAD to guide its work over the five year period 2011-2015 by ensuring that the same takes place in a coherent, holistic, effective and efficient manner. Through an inclusive and widely consultative planning process, NAPAD has consciously and comprehensively reflected on its identity, history and prevailing context with a view to determining its (strategic) direction, objectives and corresponding strategies as well as the organisational structure for the plan period.

We see this strategic plan as a living document that reflects the vitality of NAPAD and the dedication of our board and staff. The strategic plan comes at a critical moment for NAPAD as it goes through a period of organizational renewal and transformation. We will implement the plan through several phases over the coming five years as we position NAPAD to become a reputable and sustainable organization attaining its roles of brokering lasting peace and development among nomadic communities in both Kenya and Somalia in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner.

The strategic plan would not have been possible without the valuable inputs from several persons whom we would like to sincerely and deep heatedly appreciate. We are indebted to all NAPAD staff and board members who made enormous contributions towards this strategic plan - without their well thought-out inputs, this document would have come to naught. We are also very grateful to our development partners, community members, authorities and other stakeholders who actively participated in the various aspects of the strategic plan development processes. We hope that we shall continue to collaborate with the same demonstrated during the strategic planning process.

To facilitate an effective operationalisation of this strategic plan, NAPAD shall develop various proposals and or annual plans to existing and other potential funding partners that derives from the plan. We will review the plan on an annual basis to ensure continued relevance and monitor progress. We wish to invite all our esteemed community members, development partners, authorities and other existing collaborators, to once again join hands with us and particularly to continue their much valued financial, material and moral support towards realizing the ambitions of this strategic plan.